An Instructor’s Review of the MTOSport 2017 – Steve Pearce

New MTOsport 2017 Launch
April 24, 2017
MTOSport 2017 at the LAA Rally
August 21, 2017

An Instructor’s Review of the MTOSport 2017 – Steve Pearce

First impressions – instructor comfort is beyond compare for seat, pedal, stick and cockpit layout.

The aircraft is noticeably quieter from the back seat even on the ground. The prop and engine seemed quieter, even with the German open eared helmet.

Take off conditions were 120 at 18 kts, with some bluster. The tricycle felt very firm and planted on the runway during the ground roll. Take off was shorter than normal for two up. The climb out was very smooth and noticeably stable.

Manoeuvres felt very smooth and I noticed the faster blade speed, without any thump to the gyro. Vibration was almost none existent in all conditions. I was surprised to learn that the rotors had not even been balanced from the factory.

I decided to do PFL and vertical descent from 2000ft to see if there were any vibes in low rotor speeds – there were none. The blades are clearly well balanced at all speeds.

Landing was commenced in the glide which was very smooth and needed very little stick or rudder input. Stick and rudder pressure were even. I decided to convert the landing into a hover taxi to feel the flying characteristics close to the runway, with a stiff head wind and also a cross wind. Despite the more comfortable wider body profile, the machine stability was very good close to the ground. There was full rudder control at very low speeds and the touchdown was almost undetectable on first landing.

I made the mistake, when first taking control, of flying a slight yaw. On testing this I discerned that the windage from the screen is deflected so well, that unless you have a balance flag or turn and slip indicator, you wouldn’t know the aircraft is yawing.


The MTOSport 2017 is a very well balanced aircraft. Easy to fly, excellent flight control characteristics in all flight modes and proving to have excellent overall stability in the air and on the ground.

Steve went on to put his money where his mouth is and purchased the first MTOSport 2017 in the UK.

To quote Stephen: “Flew it, loved it, bought it!”

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