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Entrancing and captivating. Whichever way you look at the Cavalon, she is a magnificent machine.

From her distinctive Gull-Wing doors, to the ergonomically designed and crafted interior, it simply looks right.

Generous picture windows are not only elegant in design, they are functional too, offering a stunning perspective to the viewer.

Gracefully integrated Shark-Gill fin designs compliment the look with sporting and yet functional rear.

Technical Details

L x W x H:

4.6 m x 1.9 m x 2.8 m

Empty weight:

325 kg


560 kg


Rotax 915 IS

Takeoff distance*1:

30 m

Max endurance*2:

6 h

Max range*2:

360 miles

Cruise speed:


Max speed:

120 mph

Fuel capacity:

100 ltr

Compliant with:

BUT, Section T, ASRA

Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements, and is also depending on propeller/rotor/fuel and aircraft configuration.

*1: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), 40 ltr fuel, 2000 ft MSL
*2: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL


Standard Configuration* Cavalon




Additional Equipment*


Special Equipment



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