Learn to fly Gyroplanes at the AutoGyro UK Flight Academy

What does the Training Involve?

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced airline pilot all of our training covers the principles of gyrocopter flight that you’ll need to become a competent and qualified pilot.

We start with Ground School, a classroom based theory course that progresses through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved syllabus for autogyros [PPL(G)].

Whilst working through Ground School students also participate in flight training which offers the ability to get hands on and start putting the theory into practice.

This Dual Stream approach to training is designed specifically to help students develop their intellectual understanding at the same time as developing the physical, or kinetic, learning they need to master to become successful and safe pilots.

The AutoGyro Flight Academy dual stream system also optimises students time and energy to ensure they get the most out of the days they train with us.

As a general guideline we find that pilots with experience of operating other types of aircraft take approximately 25 hours of flight training to become qualified, whereas people with no prior flight experience take around 45 hours of flight training to become qualified.

The PPL(G) syllabus covers

Basic Flying

(effects of controls, start-up, taxi and shut-down etc.)

Upper Air Work

(flying a straight track at constant altitude, climb & descent whilst
turning etc.)

Rotor Management, Take Offs & Landings

(take offs, landings, hops etc.)


(engine failures, emergencies, recovery from unusual attitudes etc.)

Advanced Flying

(slow flight, fast flight, zero airspeed descents etc.)

Cross Country Flying

(precautionary field landings, navigation etc.)

General Flying Test

(pre-test, actual test etc.)


Below are the current training rates for students registered on one
of our ongoing courses:

Dual Instruction in a School Gyrocopter (hours 2+)#

Open Cockpit
From £149/hour
Enclosed Cockpit
From £199/hour
Extended briefings and Ground School
Dual Instruction in your Gyrocopter
From £90/hour
Supervised Solo Training in your Gyrocopter
From £90/hour
Supervised Solo training in a School Gyrocopter*
as dual rate
# This rate is for students receiving ongoing training and applies from the second
hour of training onwards.

Gyroplane Training Finance

AutoGyro UK is proud to have teamed up with Pegasus Finance,
offering flexible, affordable finance options to customers wishing to
fund personal flight training for Gyroplanes. You find the perfect
options to suit your needs, we’ll make the process of paying for it
affordable and stress free.

Interested in flying Gyroplanes