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AutoGyro’s Calidus is a closed-cabin two-seat tandem model, certified as the world’s first factory-built gyroplane in 2009. Loved for its aesthetics and flight experience, Calidus is a popular choice for flight schools, sightseeing, and law enforcement.

The sharp aerodynamics mean that Calidus is a fast cruiser. With a fuel tank of 74 liter, it has a great range. Improved further with the latest extended range 100ltr. tank option. The huge clear canopy gives both the pilot and passenger an amazing 360 view; yet keeping them both warm, dry, and comfortable.

Canopy options

  • full enclosed canopy with ventilation windows
  • open sided canopy, where large side windows allow plenty of air access
  • high-headroom canopy for very tall pilots
  • full open top canopy

The Calidus, AutoGyro’s sleek two-seat model, features an efficient heating system like all enclosed AutoGyro aircraft. So no matter where the aircraft is operating, or the season, there is always a way to keep warm, or keep cool!

As a workhorse, this aircraft has an excellent pedigree. With over 500 released to service since 2009, AutoGyro has a huge depth of reliability experience around the world, whether operated for fun or reward. We know that the work environment is a hard daily toil for aircraft and take pride in the ability of our aircraft to reach that standard. You can rely on exceptional support from the AutoGyro factory and partners, who provide backing worldwide.

Enjoy the difference

  • Comfortable pilot environment
  • Fantastic clear 360deg view for pilot and passenger
  • Fabulous fighter-style cockpit feel
  • Easily adjustable seat position, and rake angle
  • Heated cabin with variable flow rate
  • Huge options list of Garmin equipment, including ADSB in and out
  • Excellent payload, MTOM up to 560kg
  • Unique occupant safety cell concept
  • 74ltr fuel tanks, safe 3hr hour range, or extended range tank capacity of 100ltr.
  • Safe and reliable design, as verified by numerous aviation authorities.
  • Optional auxiliary alternator to give plenty of onboard electrical energy.
  • Over 500 in service, meaning huge service experience around the world.

Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsModel Details

L X W X H:

4,8 m x 1,7 m x 2,7 m
(15.66 ft x 5.67 ft x 9.1 ft)

Rotor Diameter:

8.4 m / 8.6 m
(27.3 ft / 27.95 ft )

Empty Weight:

265-315 kg depending on engine options

MTOW (Max Take Off Weight):

560 kg (1232 lbs) 914UL
or 500kg (1100 lbs) 912ULS


Rotax 916 iS | 915 iS | 914 UL | 912 ULS

Takeoff Distance *2:

tbd 916 iS | 70 m 914UL | 90 m 912ULS

Max Endurance *3:

up to 4,5 hours (with extended range tanks)*

Max Range *3:

up to 650 km (340 miles) **

Cruise Speed:

140km/h (90 mph)

Fuel Capacity:

74 L (19.5 US Gallons) | 100ltr (26.4 US Gal) Extended range tanks

Compliant With:

BUT, Section T, ASRA, CCAR-21,
USA Primary Category

Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements
*2: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), 40 ltr fuel, 2000 ft MSL
*3: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

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