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AutoGyro Flying - SpareParts 2

Spare Parts Supply

Spare parts supply to the UK & Irish markets is built on a simple system. We keep most of the frequently required parts in stock, ordering in anything unavailable via a weekly order. Each week, all unavailable parts and replacement stock for sold parts are ordered from Germany, ensuring that we maintain our stock levels and minimise international freight costs.

At the bottom of this page, you will see the ‘standard parts enquiry’, this is all of the information we require to process your order. You are welcome to use this form to make parts orders. We always use Royal Mail or ParcelForce to ship within the UK, unless in the uncommon case that the part is too big or heavy to send with this service.

Spare Parts Safety and Legality

We all care about costs, and aircraft parts are not cheap. Sometimes insurance, stocking costs, shipping costs, handling costs can make what seems like a simple part just too much money. However, be very wary of cutting corners.

Wrong or counterfeit parts can kill.

Any part engineered or modified by AutoGyro to work within an AutoGyro aircraft will have been created specifically for a purpose and are released to UK service with a UK Approved Certificate. No certificate means there is no traceability for the part. Perhaps it is original. Or perhaps a fake, or end of service life, or..

The UK CAA require that only parts released by the aircraft manufacturer on an Approved Certificate are fitted, with the exception of industry standard parts such as tyres and batteries. Approved Certificates are required to be retained as part of the aircraft records.

Take care with life limited parts. Life limits are established for a reason, it is the point to which the components are known by analysis and test to work reliably. Working beyond those limits means that failure is more and more likely. If you don’t know for sure the operational life of the part, don’t risk your life by using it.

Rotorsystems comprise two computer matched rotor blades, giving best performance. There are also several versions of rotor blades with different weights inside. Swopping blades is not allowed and carries high risk.

How to use the shop

The AutoGyro shop is accessible by everyone, you can access it via the ‘Shop’ button at the top of this page or by clicking here. You can use the shop to find parts and their part numbers. Using part numbers when placing an order speeds the process up massively.

Payment Information

Minimum order value – £30

Minimum carriage value – £10

Payment methods accepted – BACS

Standard Parts Enquiry form