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AutoGyro – The Ultimate Professional Gyroplane

AutoGyro is the ultimate professional gyroplane producer, offering a wide variety of gyroplane models for a range of applications. Whether you need an aircraft for agricultural work, surveillance/police, medical ambulance services, or any other professional use; AutoGyro has the perfect solution for you.

With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, AutoGyro’s gyroplanes are designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging environments. The company’s commitment to quality and safety ensures that each aircraft is built to the highest standards, providing pilots with maximum efficiency, performance, and reliability.

AutoGyro gyroplanes are created around a ‘platform concept’, whereby the aircraft itself works as a carrier of equipment or people, or both, to suit the mission requirements.

The warm and comfortable Cavalon is ideal as a small air taxi, or as an airborne Police vehicle carrying officers, camera equipment, and all forms of Police equipment. While equipped with Autopilot, a range of high-quality Garmin avionics, and the very latest in reliable and green propulsion units.

The MTOsport is a highly versatile platform, able to work as a two-seat tandem trainer, sight-seeing aircraft; or remove the rear seat and fit the Agric/terminator spray equipment; or a bench seat for parachuting or a stretcher, or sight-seeing with two passengers; or even for stores delivery.

And of course, many options can be entwined; amphibious floats, camera systems and so on. The mission possibilities are nearly endless, with examples listed on the aircraft pages.

AutoGyro offers gyroplanes with full Standard Category Certificates of Airworthiness or UL/Permit category certificates, to suit the certification needs of the country of operation. AutoGyro is the only gyroplane manufacturer in the world to offer this level of certification, showing their clear commitment to quality and safety. The ‘Pro’ version is compliant with UK Civil Aviation Authority requirements for a UK Standard Category Certificate of Airworthiness. With this ICAO recognised certification, the aircraft is permitted to undertake any paid aerial work for which it is equipped and approved, wherever it is operated (subject to local country restrictions/approvals), ensuring maximum compliance and safety for professional use.

In conclusion, AutoGyro has the knowledge, product range, service experience, and offers a wide range of gyroplane models for a large variety of mission applications.

At AutoGyro we understand that our first need is to understand your mission requirements, make sure our aircraft can fulfill that mission, and agree on the equipment required to achieve the required task. So, contact us now, and we can achieve a productive future together.