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Calidus Sentinel

Calidus Sentinel – Our tandem enclosed camera platform.

The Calidus Sentinel is equipped with one of a range of camera equipment, to suit different mission requirements such as traffic law enforcement, search and rescue, surveillance, aerial inspection, fire location and tracking and so much more. For instance, if fitted with the UKRSPECSYSTEMS USG 212 camera, it can track cars and read license plates from 500 ft. above ground level and effectively detect the heat signatures of fires, people and vehicles on the ground.

This particular camera is a 2-axis stabilized unit with 360 degrees continuous rotation capability, with digital auto video stabilization and target tracking. Its optical zoom capability ranges from zero to 30 times, and its infrared can provide four times zoom. AutoGyro works with a variety of sensor device providers, enabling the right choice of device for the mission profile.

Equipped with the Rotax 914UL engine, the Calidus Sentinel has the power needed to fulfill your task requirements.

AutoGyro USG-212 Camera SystemAutoGyro USG-212 Camera System

Example application areas:

  • Ground vehicle tracking and recognition
  • Search and rescue
  • Fire spotting and tracking
  • General surveillance 
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Media aerial photography
  • Border patrols
  • Overhead line monitoring 
  • Close protection 
Our platform for law enforcement

Our law enforcement models provide aerial support by day and by night. All our models are available as Night VFR certified in accordance with BCAR Section T, CRIE-01 and FAA Primary Category.

The Calidus 914UL is the ideal platform to carry camera equipment and provide aerial support and overview for the officers on the ground for applications where tandem seating and a full external view are a must.

With plentiful energy available from an auxiliary alternator, Police radio equipment can easily be powered for excellent communications and still have power for cameras, live stream downlinks, and other on-board systems. AutoGyro has created a superb cabin ‘office’ environment and wil tailor make one to meet your needs.

Current models offer.

  • Police radio system integration with live number plate recognition and 7″ control screen
  • Third radio integration for aux communications
  • Integrated camera display panel and controls
  • Removable passenger seat control stick
  • Heated and well-ventilated cabin for cold or hot mission environments
  • Fabulous external view for ‘eyes on’ observation

Click here to view the AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel’s ability to track cars and read vehicle registrations – YouTube

Enjoy the difference

  • Proven in-service technology
  • Real-life use cases, not aspirations
  • Ergonomically designed and tested
  • Super-smooth camera platform
  • Live downlink service available
  • Multiple camera fitment are possible.
  • 74ltr fuel tanks, safe 3hr hour range, or extended range tank capacity of 100ltr

    Technical Specifications

    Technical DetailsModel Details

    L X W X H:

    4,8 m x 1,7 m x 2,7 m
    (15.66 ft x 5.67 ft x 9.1 ft)

    Rotor Diameter:

    8.4 m / 8.6 m / 8.8 m
    (27.3 ft / 27.95 ft / 28.6 ft)

    Empty Weight:

    265-315 kg depending on engine options

    MTOW (Max Take Off Weight):

    560 kg (1232 lbs) 914UL
    or 500kg (1100 lbs) 912ULS


    Rotax 916 is | 915 iS | 914 UL | 912 ULS

    Takeoff Distance *2:

    tbd 916 is | 70 m 914UL | 90 m 912ULS

    Max Endurance *3:

    up to 4,5 hours (with extended range tanks)*

    Max Range *3:

    up to 650 km (340 miles) **

    Cruise Speed:

    140km/h (90 mph)

    Fuel Capacity:

    74 L (19.5 US Gallons) | 100ltr (26.4 US Gal) Extended range tanks

    Compliant With:

    BUT, Section T, ASRA, CCAR-21,
    USA Primary Category

    Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements
    *2: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), 40 ltr fuel, 2000 ft MSL
    *3: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

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