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Green Concept

Low fuel burn doesn’t only mean the significant reduction of your operation cost. It leads directly to drastically lower exhaust emissions and a low carbon foot print. Thanks to the technological integration of the industry-leading aircraft engines, combined with AutoGyro advanced design concepts, AutoGyro gyroplanes are able to achieve high performance with low fuel consumption. The computer controlled automatic lean engine setting works automatically to decrease the fuel flow to the engine at higher altitude or in cruise mode. It is the best trade-off of power performance and fuel consumption you can get.

  • Green Concept AutoGyro pursues green airborne solutions for industrial special missions and public service agencies. In 2015, AutoGyro developed the world’s first-ever electrical gyroplane in cooperation with Bosch, supported by the EU. AutoGyro aircraft are used worldwide in law enforcement, aerial surveying and for agricultural purposes.
  • Less Noise Emission With an independently verified and incredibly low noise footprint, Autogyro aircraft quietly set a new standard. Less than 63 dB is at a level much below than the noise emission of most general aviation aircraft. For comparison, a vacuum cleaner is about 75 dB, while a power lawn mower is about 90 dB.
  • Long Life Cycle Unlike a car, an AutoGyro gyroplane has a long service life and expected to exceed 25 years. The extended long life cycle reduces the recycling and depreciation cost. It means the usage of a gyroplane is more sustainable and environmental friendly compared to many other industrial products and transportation vehicles.