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The Arrival of the First Rotax 916iS-Equipped Cavalon in the UK

AutoGyro UK is excited to see the first Rotax 916iS equipped aircraft coming to the UK this year. The Cavalon will be packed with features, hosting a full Garmin glass cockpit and 3-axis autopilot.

What makes a Cavalon 916 special?
Well, a Cavalon is an astonishing aircraft already. Superbly comfortable, autopilot enabled, even IFR ready.

So, what benefit does the 916 give?
It gives another 20hp of fun factor…

Take off distance is a little shorter, but it is remarkably short already so that isn’t it… It is the immense boot of power that the aircraft gets as the engine spins past 5,500rpm.
140hp at 5,500… 160 at 5,800. And the climb rate? Reach for the stars! 1,150fpm at max take-off weight really puts a smile on your face, not to mention that when flying solo, you can reach 12,000ft in around 6 minutes.

Of course, full power climbs burn through fuel, and surely the engine is a gas-guzzler? No! Rotax have their latest lean burn technology fitted, and in lean cruise the engine burns a little less than the 915, which burned in turn less than the 914.

Cavalon 916

This Cavalon will be seen all over the UK, visiting shows, fly-ins, and powering through demo flights

Get ready to spot the Cavalon 916iS gracing the skies all across the UK, making appearances at shows, fly-ins, and captivating audiences during demo flights. Are you ready to be the proud owner of the 916iS? This powerful engine is available for new Cavalon and Calidus orders. Explore more details in the brochure or submit your inquiry via the contact form – your next aviation adventure awaits!